Street soccer is back and it’s here to stay!



Queen City Street Soccer is an Non-Profit after school program that seeks partnerships with local recreation centers and schools in Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky.  Our mission is to identify soccer talent within the inner city communities and reward those athletes with financial assistance and an opportunity of a lifetime to become a club soccer player. 


Mika Lopes

Former Professional Soccer Player discovered via street soccer community events in Portugal.

“It starts by us, each of us, believing in diversity and inclusion in soccer and scouting for talent in our inner city communities”. 

Street Soccer: Identify talent that might otherwise go unseen.

An oppportunity of a lifetime

Community Outreach

We position talented players to be seen by every club in Cincinnati. 

The Street Soccer Culture

Free Play. Creativity. Unpredictability. Competition. Ball control. Speed. Moves.

Player Development

Players must be ready to play quick small sided games and compete within or above their age group for greater challenge.

We Are Puma! #PumaFootball

More then a brand, it’s a lifestyle!