Our Mission

Recruit, evaluate and sponsor athletes with the innate talent to play the game.

Our Vision

Bridge the gap between communities, and add diversity and talent into clubs at a local, regional, national and international levels.

Our Values

Believe in potental as well as collaborate with others to empower and help athletes achive greatness and excellence.

Wherever there is soccer, there is an opportunity for kindness.


“Queen City Street Soccer” is a program that seeks funding from grant institutions, accepts donations and partners up with a variety of organizations to make soccer more affordable for families in need. Our mission is to recruit athletes, evaluate their talent and reward those athletes with financial assistance and an opportunity of a lifetime to become a sponsored soccer player for an official club team.

Mika Lopes

Former Professional Soccer Player discovered via street soccer community games in Portugal.

“It starts with us, each of us, believing in diversity and inclusion in soccer and scouting for talent in our inner city communities”. 

Identify talent that might otherwise go unseen.

An oppportunity of a lifetime

Community Outreach

We position talented players to be seen by club trainers and coaches with the hopes of being offered an opportunity to play for a full season and/or beyond. 

The Street Soccer Culture

Free Play. Creativity. Unpredictability. Competition. Ball control. Speed. Moves.

We Are Puma!                                                          #PumaFootball

We Are Puma! #PumaStreetSoccerFootball 

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